Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Just about perfect.

My family bred boxers when I was growing up. When our first boxer Tink was getting along in her first pregnancy she started her nesting process by trying to find where she was going to give birth to the first of many. In my mom's bedroom there were two closets. The one that was my father's (who had passed several years before) was kind of a receptacle of old clothes that could to tossed on the floor of his closet and ultimately go to Goodwill. Mom noticed that Tink had taken to sleeping in the closet on the pile of clothes and realized what she was intending to do.

It was winter so we knew we wanted her to have the pups inside so one day Mom took the clothes out of the floor of Dad's closet, put them on the floor of her own closet and laid out several layers of newspaper on the floor of Dad's closet. We went out somewhere that evening and came back to find that Tink had taken the newspaper from Dad's closet, shredded it all to hell all around the bedroom, and pulled all the clothes from Mom's closet floor and put them back into Dad's closet and was on puppy #3 by the time we got home.

Who says dogs are dumb? They know... they know full well! They just don't act cocky about it like cats do.


cb said...

Did tink fart a lot?? I hear tell that boxers fart

Bunny said...

Great dog story! Tink sounds like a mother who knew what she wanted.

When I was 6, we had a cat who was due to deliver kittens at any time, so we made a nice nesting area for her in a closet that she frequented anyway. Apparently she didn't want to give birth in her private place, so she chose to have the kittens on my bed. With me in it. I woke up to damp little kittens making mewing sounds. Animals are funny about what they want when it's time to have their babies!

heat said...

I love boxers! I'd love to have one...I too had a cat that gave birth in my bed while I was in it as a small child. Crazy!