Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Chicago now has a luge team!

OK, so the "team" is actually me

without the sled

and the sliding on the ass was not intentional so I didn't look so much like the top picture as I looked like this guy

It snowed here in Chicago overnight and going to work wasn't any different than usual. I take a bus, hop a train and then one more bus and I'm there. This morning as I was going from the train to the bus, I went to step on a nice clean fluffy pile of snow to cross over to the bus.

That clean fluffy snow was hiding an ice sheet and the entry way into my first Chicago Luge run. The forward motion I had kept me going forward as my feet went out from under me. As I landed (clumsily, but it kept me from landing splat on my back) I kept sliding forward into what was under the nice clean fluffy snow which was about 2 weeks worth of bus dirt, salt and road grime.

When I stood up I didn't need a mirror to know what the entire back side of my body looked like.... I could feel it. Wet, ick, soaking through my hat, trickling down the back of my neck, soaking the back of my jeans so the stick to my legs, and to add insult to mild injury, my crotch was soaked from the splash as I luged forward.

There's a fair amount of walking on my daily commute.

Go throw some ice water down your pants and walk a mile in 12 degree weather and see how happy your badoobies are.


I made it back to work by 10:10 so not too much time was lost, but now I just want to go back to bed and try this day over again. Better yet, skip this day and get on to Thursday and Friday.

And my badoobies are still cold.


Anonymous said...

Anyone else on the team?

I hope your badoobies (and yourself) now feel better.

Lea in SC said...

Sorry about your badoobies. Ashley and I were wondering, is that a new technical term?

Stephen Rader said...

Did EVERYONE have a crappy Wednesday? Or was it just you and me?

Sorry you fell. Damn snow-covered ice!

SUEB0B said...

This just confirms all my suspicions about how I would do in a wintry area...

Sorry about the badoobies.

Chris said...

This is why I live in California, land of Schwarzenegger and warm badoobies. I hate "Ah-nolt" but I love warm badoobies.

Snow is for visiting... not for living in.