Monday, January 26, 2009

It was the 80's.... give me a break

I first saw this picture this morning around 8:30. it's taken me 2 hours of internal debating on whether to post it or not. Sweet Carolina Bunny (Your new southern name is now Bunny Sue by the way) tags every blog post with "To blog is a self invasion of privacy". I agree with that and see many different levels to the openness where some tell you very little and some invite you into their lives with reckless abandon censoring nothing. (ahem... :))

However, while this picture brings back many memories of the friends I had back in high school, I still feel a pain in my chest looking at it.


Good GOD! Thank God someone finally turned me on to conditioner and a better hair stylist.

Yeah, that's me... the dork in the hat. I'm just one Molly Ringwald away from being Anthony Michael Hall in Sixteen Candles. Sadly I think I'm closer to Molly Ringwald with that hat. "A boy in a hat is... so Vogue!"

Off topic from this post, but writing that last line made me remember a little story from college. When I was at Clemson I was at a party that a fellow bar staffers Alene was holding. One of her friends from her home town (Girl X) was visiting and this home town girl was dating Michael Anthony Hall. The little group conversation was about movies that started moving toward Oscars. This is, no lie, a snippet from the conversation.

Girl X: Oh the Oscars. I really wanted to get to go! Anthony got an invite since he was in (insert nameless movie here)

Alene: Is he not going to take you?

Girl X: We're not going at all. He said he wasn't going to attend the Oscars until he won one himself and now I'll never get to go!

I wish I had such a supportive partner like THAT!


cb said...

I am so completely pissed that you stole my 16 Candles "vogue" line!!! Because that is exactly what it looks like!!!!!

Stephen Rader said...

No else is going to ask it, so I will - - what were you five boys doing in that hotel room? Hmmm??? :)

Project Christopher said...

Stephen: Possible answers -
1. It was the 80's we were experimenting.
2. I needed help on choosing a fashionable hat
3. We were auditioning for the new "Boys gone Mild" video
4. Those sitting were plotting to kill the one laying across our laps.
5. We were on a photo Scavenger hunt called "The shittiest hotels in the Southeast"


We were on a band trip to Gatlinburg TN.

Max's Dad said...

That's amazing that you knew Mark Wahlberg back then. That is him to your left, right?

Just Kevin... said...

There's so much to say but I think Stephen asked the question that would have made for a much more revealing or self-invasive or totally made up blog! Maybe that should be a contest among your many readers...?

Just Kevin... said...

Oh yeah, the hat's not that bad....not bad at all! ;-)

cb said...

Band trips were always about sexual experimentation. So which ones did you do??

Project Christopher said...

none. I'm not feeding your nasty twink fantasies.

Bunny said...

You do have a kind of freakishly-tall-male-Molly-Ringwald thing going on there. I think it's the lips. And maybe the hair. And the hat, of course.


Just Kevin... said...

Of course, I'm not saying there's any continuing similarity but Molly Ringwald, at age 40, is having twins.

Chris said...

I was just thinking how much I used to love Molly Ringwald... thanks to Just Kevin, I now know she's 40 (and knocked up!).

I will say that Girl X showed real insight that AMH would never get nominated for an Oscar... then again, Mickey Rourke just did, so she still might get to go someday (then again, Mickey does have talent...)

Lea in SC said...

First comment: I was (and still am, actually) all for the plot to kill the one laying down. Asshole.

Second comment: Dick as Mark Wahlberg?? LOL. If they share the same physical characteristic I was SOOOO fond of then I really love Marky Mark now!

Chris, if you keep up with how bad this picture is I WILL find much worse and post them everywhere. YOU LOOK FINE! AND YOU WEREN'T EVEN WEARING THOSE PURPLE PARACHUTE PANTS!!!!

Project Christopher said...

Lea in SC - Since we do this every year, let's make it an anniversary. I hereby declare January 27 Purple Parachute Pants Proof or Denial Day!

When you show me photographic proof that I wore them, much less owned them, I will gladly admit it. I'm sure that had I... no.... ANYONE at Seneca High School actually worn Purple Parachute Pants, SOMEONE would have gotten a picture.

now unless you want me to blog your special hair do that Richard and I gave you, calm your country ass down until next January 27 :)

transitiongirl2008 said...

For some reason, Stephen and Lea both took the words out of my mouth!

As for band trips... I was the girl in the back of the bus (blush) and unfortunately, I think Chris and I had the same hair...

Is Lea the equivalent to Molly in your 80's entourage??

Just Kevin... said...

TGgirl, as much as Lea may have WISHED and FANTASIZED she was the Molly Ringwald of this group, let's face it.... We know who would have stayed home studying 16 Candles to achieve that perfect Molly pout. Not Lea....