Monday, June 9, 2008


The first thing I do on my computer each day is run through the blogs of the usual suspects. Seems like everybody is getting tagged for one of several memes... except me! I was on Bunny's site and decided I needed to look like one of the cool kids so I borrowed a couple. One today, and one tomorrow or Wednesday.

Alphabet Meme
A is for your age:
42, and I truly don't see it as old. I think it's because I don't feel old. Honestly, I don't feel as old as I feel that some of the twenty-somethings are just stupid. (yeah, reverse ageism ain't fun is it sonny?)

B is for your burger of choice: Bacon cheeseburger with grilled onions

C is for the car that you drive: C is also for CTA (Chicago Transit Authority) Don't own a car.
D is for dog's name: Don't have a dog of my own either. If/when I get one the next dog name on my list is Bariel

E is for an essential item you use each day: Glasses. I'm not terribly blind, but it's funny how sometimes I'll forget to put them on while running around getting ready in the morning and I don't realize it until I walk out the front door and it's the first time anything is far enough away from me to realize I can't see it.

F is for your favorite television show: Heroes.... DAMN when does Fall get here?

G is for favorite game: Cranium! The best of all worlds!

H is for hometown: Seneca, South Carolina (or for some of the locals... Seneker)

I is for instruments played: Learning new instruments has been a passing hobby of mine. Not to say I play them well, but in order of learning: sax, cymbals (yes, there is learning to that) clarinet, flute, trombone, marimba, Irish fiddle, tin whistle, didgeridoo

J is for favorite juice: Orange Juice. (Drink Your Juice Shelby!)

K is for what you'd like to kick: I'm assuming we're talking habit here... I can name tons of those WHO I'd like to kick. Giving in to food I think would be the biggest thing to kick.

L is for last restaurant you dined at: Zia's Trattoria in Edison Park (suburb of Chicago) I had never been to Edison Park before, but happen to be taking a new way home and BAM, there it was. VERY good place and huge portions. I had a full lunch the next day too.

M is for your favorite Muppet: Cookie Monster. He made gorging on Oreos and Chips Ahoy sexy!

N is for number of piercings you have: Absolutely ZERO! And that's not a stand against them... I'm just a big chicken $hit.

O is for overnight hospital stays: How long do you have while I count up? I essentially grew up in a croup tent. I can remember 3 separate times (I think) when my dad was alive. then broke my arm, then had eye surgery, then had wisdom teeth out. I think that's it. Since then everything has been outpatient.

P is for people you were with today: Coworkers (in order of my seeing them) Ann, Katie, Wendy, Verlanda, Pat, Kim

Q is for what you do in quiet times: Sleep if I can. Read books that don't require thinking or see movies that don't require thinking. I use my brain all day... he needs a rest sometimes.

R is for regrets: Not being able to be with my mom more in the last year of her life.

S is for status: Poor White Trash... is that a status?

T is for time you woke up today: I'm dog sitting for a dog with kennel cough... I woke up at 1:30, 2:45, 3:10 (scary one, more on that another time) and 4:30

U is for what you consider unique: People who exude hospitality not because they have to but because it's just their nature and upbringing. Sadly, it is more unique than you know.

V is for favorite vegetable: Lima beans with corn (succotash baby!) Although I'm beginning to like vegetables I never wanted before, beets, asparagus, artichoke hearts.

W is for your worst habit: I'll save you and not describe my WORST habit having to do with my teeth. A close second is my saying "I know, right?!?"

X is for x-rays you have had: Oh Lord, Dental through the years, elbow 5 or so times pre/post surgery, hand 5 or so times pre/post surgery, sinuses pre/post surgery, 3 or 4 chest xrays for work. And while not direct XRays, I'm sure I've been exposed enough to count 2 or 3 more given my time in health care.

Y is for yummy food you ate today: I made turkey spaghetti sauce last night with some fresh basil and a few other goodies I found. I'm quite pleased with myself!

Z is for zodiac sign: I'm on the cusp of Aquarius and Pisces so it depends on what book you're reading as to which I really am. I usually take whichever one has a better horoscope that day. I think it's kind of cool that I cusp two that go together (fish and water)

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YOu can play digeridoo?? that circular breathing must REALLY come in handy!