Thursday, June 5, 2008

Yay Murderer!... (huh?)

Showtime has a history of series with characters or themes off the beaten path. One of their series is Dexter. Played by Michael C. Hall (also of the great Six Feet Under), Dexter lives in Miami and is a serial killer with a purpose. He witnessed his mother being murdered with a chainsaw when he was 3. His adoptive father (a policeman who found him in the shipping cargo container in inches of his mom's blood.. do you see the serial killer foreshadowing?) recognized the demon inside Dexter and spent Dexter's formative years helping Dexter recognize the demons and how to take care of them. Dexter now kills people who, honestly, deserve it. Drug dealers, murderers who were not convicted, etc.

I've not watched this series in prime time, but decided to give it a go when I found it on iTunes and I could watch video on my iPod (thanks brother man for the fab gift!) Now I'm about two-thirds the way through the second season...

OK, if you're watching the second season and are not as far as me, be careful, I'm not going to give away much, but it might be a spoiler here. Proceed forewarned.

...and they're right on the verge of finding out that Dexter is doing what he's doing. So you're wondering why I'm bringing this up? I'm worried that they're going to catch him!

Bravo to the writers of this show because you've actually made me pull for a murderer. Yes, he's getting rid of society's filth and doing the job regular justice can't do. I still don't condone murder. But I find myself liking him to the point of thinking he'd be a good friend, if he had them.

If you haven't watched this, check it out. It is very interesting writing and there are great side stories, without getting too deep into the side stories. Besides, any writing that can have me pulling for a serial murderer has to be pretty creative eh?

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cb said...

I love how he "observes" how to be "normal" and them "mimics" normal behavior to remain hidden.

How "in the closet" is THAT??