Friday, June 6, 2008

Over/Underrated Friday

I'm sorry, don't hate me, don't take away my geek card.... but this weeks Overrated is....


Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

I do love Indiana Jones and I was as jazzed as anyone else when the first mutterings of a 4th movie came out. And don't get me wrong, it was a good movie! It's just... I don't know....

When the first movie came out I was entranced. I remember my mom kicking me out of the house one Saturday while she did the BIG clean. That was when you could go into a movie theater and stay. I sat through Raiders of the Lost Ark from the 11am show until the 7pm show finished watching it over and over; each time being just as mesmerized as the last time.

When Temple of Doom came out.... well, we won't even talk about that. Everyone has their Jar Jar Binks to contend with.

Then Last Crusade came. The subliminal title could have been "Indiana Jones and the Grand Apology for Temple of Doom" Because it not only made up for the 2nd movie, but established a fantastic relationship between Indy and his father and Harrison Ford and Sean Connery. THAT movie had adventure and the height of comedic dialogue without cracking wise.

Enter the Crystal Skull. It's light years beyond Temple so it's a good movie, but I felt... disappointed. Indy can't live forever fighting the Nazis. They've been out of vogue for so long they've made it to the Vega star system and back. Bringing him forward a few years to battle the Soviets was a good idea. I adore Cate Blanchett and she did a good job with the role she was given, but.... again, I don't know.

Stephen Rader and I were talking on the phone before I saw Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Stephen is BIG movie geek so was very excited about the movie. He was ragging on a friend of his who, after seeing Crystal Skull, said "I don't buy it". I was agreeing with Stephen that it is fantasy film and that she should have responded with "Don't worry, it wasn't for sale!" But now I think I understand what his friend meant. All of Indiana Jones' world is fantasy and such, but this one just seemed far too stretched. Don't worry, though, Stephen, I buy it.

I guess what it boils down to is. It was a good movie, but I was around first hand for the original. I liked all 6 of the Star Wars movies, but when Episode I came out and I left the theater, I had the feeling of being let down. I've had nearly 20 years to wait for this movie and I'm left with a feeling of loss. I miss the original, but I still like the current....

I also miss the 10 minutes of my life I'll never get back having to see Shia LaBeouf with that STUPID hair.... but I digress


Lea in SC said...

Tim and I had the same feeling...whoda thunk Indy would go Xfiles on us?? It was still a good adventure movie, though...I don't discourage anyone from seeing it because, well, it's Indiana Jones.
And Shia is a hot little thing. What's wrong with the hair?? You know what a pain curly short hair on guys is!!

Stephen Rader said...

I don't understand why people were "let down" by Indy 4. Seriously. I hear people say that the plot is "far-fetched" and my response, as it was with my friend before, is "In TEMPLE OF DOOM, Indy's heart is taken OUT OF HIS CHEST!!! Are we done here?"

Maybe what this criticism means is that people are comfortable with fantasy that is mystically or religion-based, but not comfortable with fantasy that is science-based. To me, it all goes back to the movies being made in the era Indy is "pastiching" (if that's even a word). In the 30's and 40's, it's mysticism and Nazi's and in the 50's, it's aliens and the Soviets.

Plus for me, Indy is like James Bond - - if there isn't at least one part of the movie where you go, "Oh, COME ON!!! That's insane!! That would NEVER HAPPEN!!," then, and only then, is it not a good Indy/Bond movie.

I have enough reality in my life and in current feature films. Give me more fantasy. 24/7.

And by the way, Shia looks hot in his homage to Brando in THE WILD ONE. Hot. MMMMmmmm... :)

Bunny said...

I liked the movie, but did find parts of the story a little odd. Normally I adore Cate, but I think this role was poorly written and her accent was too "Boris and Natasha" for my taste. I liked Shia - he's so cute, sigh. Best part - when Indy and Marian are bickering in the truck and the Russian tells them to just shut up. Perfect.

cb said...

Give it a bit of time-- your disappointment in the film will eventually fester and grow to anger and then to bitter hatred of all things "Lucas".


Hated it.

cb said...

Oh, and Stephen dear... Indy's heart was never ripped out of his chest. It was a poor Indian slave who was sacrificed in that manner.

Of course he DID live until his body was consumed in the lava pit beneath the palace.

(T.O.D. was an utter abortion. Crystal Skull was only a miscarriage)

Max'sDad said...

Chris, can you believe I have never seen an Indiana Jones movie? I like Spielberg too much to go. I'm scared I'd hate it.