Wednesday, August 12, 2009

What a loss!


All the papers keep showing her more recent pictures, but knowing what she did with the Special Olympics I like to think that no matter her age or outside appearance, Eunice still had the heart and drive of the young woman pictured above.

In today's RedEye there was a piece where world leaders expressed their thoughts on the passing of Mrs. Shriver. Her brother, Sen. Edward Kennedy said
"She understood deeply the lesson our mother and father taught us - much is expected of those to whom much as been given. "

Too often that saying would fall flat when those of us regular folks are hit so hard by the economy and we look at the lavish lives the Kennedy family lead. However, with Mrs. Shriver I can see that she truly took this to heart. If you don't believe that, would we ever see pictures of joy and inclusion like the ones below without her?

I had the opportunity to work with the Special Olympics once and these people feel as joyous as Olympians!

Great work Eunice! We'll miss you greatly!

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Damien NZ said...

She did an amazing job at making those in our society who were different "stars" in their own right and normality.

Sad sad sad............