Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Hi Everyone, So sorry I've been absent. Between work and life it's been hard to keep up with the blog. No excuse I know, but part of what's kept me from regular posting is I'm actually writing! WOOHOO. I can hear some of you now screaming to see what I'm writing, but patience is a virtue. I will never show you raw writing so you have to wait for me to write it, review it, make some fixes and bring you an almost complete passage. Not that there's not editing suggestions I'll take once I put it out there, but as Stephen King said the first draft is written with the door closed. The door is closed people!

I will say that I've been surprised that some of my fears about writing have been alleviated. Some instructional books and famous authors say that they spend time writing out character profiles, outlining the story then filling in the detail after all the pre-emptory homework. Others (like my new BFF Stephen King) say that they just start writing and it comes. Mr. King said he doesn't write the story as much as his characters create the story and tell him about themselves and he trusts them, the characters, to tell him about themselves. When I initially read that, I thought it must be a trait that comes after years of consulting the writing muse. Just yesterday I started writing a new piece and surprisingly the story just started unfolding. I see the story happening in my imagination and I've been surprised to see the story taking turns that I hadn't thought of on my own. It's quite exciting!

So stay tuned for some short stories that will either appear here or in a brother-blog.

Even though I've been writing, I've still been annoyed enough to post my rants here so let me catch up on some.WHO
Why are we still paying attention to these baby factories? They divorced, someone cheated, the kids squeal, eat and poop? WHO CARES? This morning as I was watching the NBC news they said NBC staffers in New York stated that when Kate was a guest on the Today show she was one of the worst guests, that she cursed like a drunken sailor and when the camera was moving to take a shot of her entourage she threatened to walk off the show. Merideth Viera denied this, but I have a feeling there's a little truth in there.

I can't wait til their 15 minutes are LONG since over!


Max's Dad said...

Writing is such a fun thing when it's unfolding and such a complete headache when it's not. Good Luck on the writing and yes, who gives a fark about those ywo baby making whores?

Just Kevin... said...

Re: your rant

I watched that show once after his 'cheating' became the touchpoint for every angry female to malign him with middle school apropriate name-calling while sanctifying her. All I saw was kids being secondary players along with their dad while she nagged, belittled and devalued him on national tv. Let's be done with them and their poor kids! I hope they made enough money for the kids psychiatry bills!

Happy writing!