Friday, August 14, 2009

Look! Something Shiny!

Fiesty Friday - ADHD edition

I've not had much of a Fiesty Friday feeling lately, but in the past few days I've been getting inspiration left and right! Time to make up for lost time.... Let's start with:

Are you F-ing kidding me????

Michael Vick is not only out of jail early, but he's also being signed on to the Eagles. He can't play until the NFL lifts his ban, but someone still signed him.

The Eagle's coach said on the news this morning that everyone deserves a second chance. Apparently he knows as many of his team members have criminal records. I agree... people do deserve a second chance.... so do dogs.

Can we tie Vick up naked, pour A1 steak sauce on is wang and let this poor guy below go after him? If we're lucky, the NFL will not lift the ban and he'll be a dead duck. If he DOES get permission to play by November 22 when they come to Chicago to play the Bears... it won't be the Bears that soulless fucker has to worry about. Myself and a whole bunch of other animal rights folks will be looking for a way to make his life hell! (and it won't be pouring beer on him)

Beer? Segue moment!

The Wrigley Beer Thrower
- OR -
Why suburbanites shouldn't be allowed at Cubs Games
(yes, a gross generalization of suburbanites)

My own views on why suburbanites shouldn't be allowed at games stems from their apparent inability to function when it comes to CTA and public transportation.
(We could HONESTLY be half way home before they figure out where to put their money while they juggle their barely hidden beer which IS illegal on CTA no matter what you do out in Wheaton on Metra)
What happened my dear non-Chicagoan readers may ask?

Well, this asshat, J0hnny Macchione from Bartlett, IL comes to the game... He's on Facebook, go hound him!

Gets the DUMBASS idea (like many testosterone + beer addled straight boys with stupid facial hair) to dump beer on this Phillies player as he's going to catch a ball.

THEN, when security comes to take care of the offender, what does this friggin douchebag do? Points his finger at someone else!!!

Causing security to go after the guy in glasses

Then the stupid facial hair, beer tossing, testosterone ridden, fuckwit from Bartlett, let the guy take the fall and disappeared into the crowd.

Now I will give the knuckle-dragger 2 points of credit. He had good aim. If you watch on video how quickly and nonchalantly he tossed the beer, it's a wonder it hit the player so perfectly. The other point of credit, he quickly realized (or someone told him) that on a nationally televised game by a Chicago TV station when an opposing player was about to catch what was about 4 feet from being a Cubs home run, there was PROBABLY a video of him dumping the beer.

He apologized (oh so sincerely.... whatever) on TV and said he was sorry for disgracing the Cubs. You didn't disgrace the Cubs Fuckwit, you disgraced yourself, Bartlett, and other stupid 21 year olds with lame facial hair. The only person who could possibly be happy with your antics was the guy who caught the ball and caused the Cubs a win several years ago. For now the spotlight is off of him... for a moment.

YELLING! - OR - I'd rather be Deaf than listen to more of your bile!

The whole health care and death squads crap makes my head hurt. I'll let my other new BFF explain it better. Take it away Rachel!

and finally on a serious note.....

Why can't it be the bad people?

This reminds me of a story Max's Dad did back in September of 2008 about the senseless death of an innocent. While Taccara Swain is still alive as of this blog post, she's in critical condition after being shot in the head by someone who was having a heated argument with another gang banger in another car on the South Side of Chicago.

Was Taccara hooking on that street? No
Was Taccara out causing trouble on the streets? NO
What was she doing? Walking her 2 year old cousin home after they'd been playing. Taccara heard the shots begin, she bent down to shield the two year old and took a bullet herself.

If the guilty parties are caught, I say tie them up and put them in the same room with Michael Vick when we let the dogs go after them. Then they'll really be singing 'Who let the dogs out!'

Taccara, we're all thinking of you and hoping for a recovery for your physical injuries for now, and, God willing, you live your psychological injuries later.


Max's Dad said...

I wish I could be in Chicago when Vick comes to town, but at the game to boo the shit out of him. I loved the Cubs and went to Wrigley a lot and then 1984 happened and the suburbanites took the place over. I used to sit there with 2500 people and have the run of the place. No longer. Rachel exposes the sheeple of the right as usual and thoughts to that young girl go out from me.
You were on a roll today,PC.

cb said...

Yeah, I'm fairly upset about Mr. Vick as well. What a loser.

And so are the gang bangers. And the healthcare yellers.

Lea in SC said...

RE: Vick
I was a indignant at first too, when I found out he might play again. But I read a letter from the president one of the national humane societies (don't recall which one) and the person said that they had talked to Vick, felt he was truly remorseful about what happened, and saw this as an opportunity to have him speak out on behalf of animal rights. We will see, of course...

Lea in SC said...

Me again, found the link:,0,2849403.story