Monday, April 27, 2009

Sign of God's Existence

I was on a sight visit to St. Louis this weekend and I found a sure sign that God exists and that he enjoys making us enjoy life. This sign was in the form of Switzer's Chewy Cherry Twists. I have an ongoing debate with Just Kevin about licorice. I favor Twizzlers while he favors the candlewax creation that are RedVines.

However, I think we've found a debate ender with Switzer's. I'm thankful that I can get these online! Now I'm going to order some Cheerwine and Switzer's and have me a bad food weekend!

Has anyone else tried Switzer's as they seem to be only in the St. Louis area.

1 comment:

Just Kevin... said...

After that unfair callout about licorice, can I expect a package of Switzers in the mail sometime soon? I mean, I want to put this debate about those horrible licorice like candies that you prefer as soon as possible.