Friday, April 24, 2009

A Sad Fiesty Friday

I received an email this morning from a friend in St. Pete Florida (Thanks Jose!) that was a little shocking, yet a little refreshing. The subject line was "From Hot to Not" It's shocking to see the beautiful people in their current state, but a little refreshing too. Refreshing not because the mighty have fallen, but refreshing in... I started and live in the "not" state so I have no backlash!

Sorry guys, welcome to my world

Ian Thorpe

Val Kilmer
(and no, Val, the hair is NOT helping)

Mickey Rourke
(again... the hair AND the facial hair aren't helping)

Brendan Fraser

Russel Crowe
(is that what happens when you get hit BACK with the phone?)

Alec Baldwin
(yeah..... that's just letting go with gusto)

Richard Gere
(is that phone ringing now?)

Roger Moore
(he was working on some MT's back then too)

Arnold Schwarzenegger
(They say if you don't work out the muscle turns to..... but damn)

Pierce Brosnan
(did he dye the torso hair too?)

Clint Eastwood
(Are ya feelin flabby? Well? Are ya Punk?)

Rod Stewart
(wrong then, ultra wrong now)


Transitiongirl2008 said...

Dammit, there went breakfast! And a couple of fantasies!

SUEB0B said...

Aging is a bitch. A big, nasty, mean bitch. I don't blame these people for looking their age, because I know how hard it is to fight.

Project Christopher said...

@SueBob - I know what you mean. It's an uphill battle, but it looks like they're owning it and movin' on :)

bearpupuk said...

Actually, I think I prefer Ian Thorpe with a little 'padding', gives me more to hold on to ;-)

Anonymous said...

At least Rod Stewart's gone for a slightly more respectable Speedo cut that doesn't show off his pubes. Someone needs to make him say no to orange tones, though.

Just Kevin... said...

I know that I am one of those people that think many men are MORE attractive in middle age than they were as youngsters I am a text book case proving that, of course!(OK...just agree with me and get on with your life...this is NOT worth the argument you will cause by making any snide comment!) But having said that, I think a few of them are hotter now than before. Mickey Rourke is not one of those!

Bunny said...

These were all pretty scary, but Val Kilmer REALLY saddens me. Yipes!!

cb said...

yeah, aging sux! But the top dude- I'd still hit that!

Ian said...

I have to agree with bearpupuk: I think Ian Thorpe looks better now.