Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Snow? Big surprise.... & 12 on 12 (v4) December

I've been traveling and playing catch up with work blogging has been hard as my creative juices are tired and don't want to play. Playing catch up with work so let me play catch up with you folks:

If you live in the Midwest or love watching The Weather Channel, you know what came for a visit yesterday. This was what met me on my commute home.

I know it doesn't seem much, and in the end it wasn't that deep, but the worst of it hit just as rush hour started so you know that immediately translates into Clusterf**k and a long ass commute home. At least it wasn't an ice storm with up to an inch of ice... wait, that's this coming Friday.

One post I wanted to do over the weekend was to bring back the 12 on 12 project that I haven't done since... jeez, August! So here's December's edition! (pardon this version... it's actually 10 on 12) I was in Seattle on site at a conference:

This hotel was VERY wired for technology. The TV and phone system were all Internet based. This morning for some reason the TV came on by itself before my alarm went off. It was playing good jazzy world music, but it was on a channel that played the music and had a slide show of dog pics.

I step out of my room and there's a Wall Street Journal at my neighbors door. Waking up to see my homestate's governor on the front page of the WSJ usually can't be a good thing

My registration desk at my conference. AKA My little corner of the world to sit and wait for something to go wrong.

After the attendees have had breakfast and are in session, I head out for my own caffeine supply. I'm not a coffee drinker so a Diet Pepsi does me well. Too bad the hotel is a Coke property so I have to head down to the drug store to get my fix.

Coming back to the hotel. Notice that heck of an incline??

Me blogging at the desk. In conference world if you're bored on site, that means the conference is going well.

I am also re-reading a great book. Sarum by Edward Rutherford takes the history of England from the ice age until WWII and weaves fictitious characters to help tell the tell. (kind of like Titanic... there wasn't really a Jack and Rose, but the ship was there and it did sink) He's written several books like this that are great reads.

OH boy... the hotel certainly knew who was coming to their hotel. This afternoon's snack break had cookies and cupcakes. Two words... RED VELVET! It was pretty good! It wasn't like the ones my faux-wife made me for my birthday, but it was a nice effort.

After the conference was over I went out to look around. There's a Seneca Street! (Seneca is the town in South Carolina that I grew up in.... GO BOBCATS!)

Seattle's great market with a little bit of everything!


Bunny said...

I also enjoy historical fiction. Just read an actual non-fiction book lately that was so good it felt like fiction - Devil in the White City. It takes place in Chicago during the 1893 World's Fair - I highly recommend it.

You have a faux-wife who bakes you cupcakes? I'm jealous!

Looks like a very cool hotel you were at in Seattle!

Catharine said...

I miss you and will always make your fave cupcakes!! xoxoxo

RG said...

Red Velvet cupcakes! OMG - my nipples are hard thinking about them - YUUUUUUUUUM!

Tell you what, if you should visit Beantown, I'm make you some double chocolate Milky Way brownies. It's an orgasm in every bite.

Marc said...

We still have no snow. Apparently its going to be a very wet Christmas :-(

cb said...

At least you get to commute and leave the driving to someone else. I hate driving in this shit up here!

SUEB0B said...

Hey, my comment got eaten...but anyway, I KNOW you have a job - but BlogHer needs an events Redwood City, CA, near the ocean hint hint

Anonymous said...

"Pacific Drugs"? Is that where they make all that lovely Wellbutrin?

Java said...

You grew up in Seneca? Ram Cat Alley! OK, I've been to Seneca two or three times, don't really know it. I have a friend who lives in Fair Play, and when I visit her we sometimes go into Seneca.

I'm in Greenwood, the other side of Anderson from Seneca. Been here for about 14 years. I'm stuck. I read this post to my sweetheart and he said "See? He got out. Maybe we can, too!" He has no desire to go to Chicago from here, though.