Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Sanctity of Marriage....

There are couples in this country who've been together for 20+ years, but they can't get legally married because they're the same gender.

These couples could be barred from:
- visiting their partner who may be dying in the Emergency Room
- keeping the home they've lived in for years because it was in their partner's name
- lose custody of a child that they've raised because the child was biologically their partners

BUT.... in this same country this waste of Oxygen shitheap of a man, Drew Peterson, is engaged to ANOTHER woman while his current and still legal wife (wife #2) is still missing and the death of wife #1 is still under investigation as he may have murdered her!

Hey George W. Bush.... I'm SOOOO glad you and your cronies are working so hard to protect the family and the sanctity of marriage.


To this stupid girl I can only say...

Are you fucking nuts?

First - He's old enough to be your father
Second - He looks old enough to be your grandfather!
Third - (and the number 3 is key here) Do you really want to go down that road of Mrs. Drew Peterson III?

If you're that fucking stupid, go ahead. Please! DO marry him. I've always been an advocate of thinning out the herd and killing off the stupid ones and Darwin Award Winners... Maybe Drew can provide us this one service. Otherwise this man should be forbidden to marry again. Someone should Proposition 8 HIS ass!


Bunny said...

Amen Brother Chris, Amen!

To all same-gender couples: Scrape together the cash to hire a lawyer to draft all the documents you need in your state to protect your rights together. A will naming each other as beneficiary. Medical/Health Care Power of Attorney (has different names in different states) naming each other as proxy/guardian/decision-maker. General Power of Attorney allowing each to act for the other in case of incapacity. DO IT TODAY.

It is unfair that same-gender couples have to pay an attorney to secure the rights they would have as spouses, but in today's atmosphere it is absolutely necessary to preserve your rights. Do. Not. Hesitate. Make it your holiday gift to each other.

I did these for several same-gender couples when I was still practicing and it gave them peace of mind, knowing their wishes would be carried out if they were incapacitated or passed away.

Ian said...

Wow. I wish I had bothered to connect these two situations on my blog. But since we're detailing sham straight marriages, let's not forget Britney Spears' weekend in Vegas a few years back. But well done.

Max's Dad said...

Nothing more needs to be said. Stupid is as stupid does.

SUEB0B said...

Right you are.

And this girl? Scawwwwy! She has no eyebrows. She looks like a combo of Linda Blair in the Exorcist and a really bad photoshop job or a Madame Tussad's wax figure. G

transitiongirl2008 said...

She deserves what she gets, Bush deserves shoes thrown at him, and I'm not real impressed with the evangelical dude they have getting up at the Inaugruration (which I can't fucking spell because I'm aggitate by the content of the post!) Well said, Chris! As always!

And, as I scroll down, by word for the verification below is, suitable, capper. Hmmm, Drew Peterson anyone?