Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Art from Up Here

This weekend I had the pleasure of meeting Derek Nunn from San Francisco. He was in town to help celebrate a mutual friends 39th (aka 50th) birthday.

Derek is an artist who also happens to be Deaf, and just a couple inches shorter than me. After we met he gave me his card so I could visit his website to see some of his artwork.

Like wine, I have my own appreciation for art, but could never claim to be fully educated in art appreciation. But like wine, appreciation is subjective and I like what I like.

The image on you see here is something I like. Sorry, I take that back. I love this piece. Anyone who knows me knows that the blues catch my eye instantly! This piece is 4' x 4' and would be perfect for my (soon to be) new faux-designed apartment. My birthday just passed, but in the ProjectChristopher family it's well known that as long as you give a present before the next birthday, it's all good!

I invite you to take a look through Derek's website. His work is great with such a variety of size, texture and feelings. Like Matt Lew, it's nice to know artists personally. Their work takes on a different feel when you have a friend connection as well as an aesthetic one.


cb said...

is it fabric?? Mixed media? What?

Just Kevin... said...

It's beautiful!

Lea in SC said...

BEAUTIFUL! I will buy this for you...when I win the lottery!