Friday, December 28, 2007

Is this year over YET????

I'm a 41 year old South Carolinian living in Chicago. Often times the southern hospitality clashes with the big city, but of all the big cities I've lived in, Chicago is the closest thing to that southern hospitality I've found. When you stand so far above everyone else (I'm 6'7" tall if you haven't gathered that yet) you can often see things differently especially if you've got a sassy never-ending sense of humor to cloud that view. I love stand up comedy and long to get back on the stage myself. I'm ready for the straight (hee, hee) humor, but sometimes my humor is best expressed though bitching about something.

So here's the biggest complaint at the moment (or all encompassing) and the reason for yet another attempt at a therapeutic blog.... this past year, while containing some great moments, has been quite a rough one for me. Let's just say that some things need to change for the better and 2008 is the time for it to happen.

Saying 2008 seems to give me a good year's worth of time to get this done, but DAMN it better happen in the first quarter of the year. Good things will happen eventually... but 2007 has been one long damn case of 'eventually'!

But as we go forward, we'll see what happens for me and meanwhile, give some personal insights into life in general. 2008 should be an interesting year. It is an election year, and while we may go from the devil we know, to the devil we don't know yet... at least George Bush cannot enter the White House again! (Halle-friggin-lujah!)

2007 had some serious challenges, but one not-so-deathly-serious challenge popped up for me as a dyed in the wool southerner at heart. This challenge came in the form of the ever so stupid Miss Teen South Carolina. I'm sorry, she's not stupid.... bless her heart... she's just dumb as a geographical map. If you've not seen this video or heard about this... where've you been? She had a chance to redeem herself... and I think it made it worse. So... if you've not seen it... here's a retrospective...

The original transgression:

Which of course brought about various responses including....


A VERY well put response:

And a combining of the 2 thorns in my side... This dumbass dimwit bitch... and Miss Teen South Carolina

So let's say good bye to 2007. I appreciate the good things & people that happened to me in 2007, but I am SO glad to move on to 2008 so I can start making change for the better... For those of you who've tried to follow my blogs in the past, thanks! and I promise I'll try to keep up with this one.

Happy New Year!

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