Friday, April 9, 2010

Return of Feisty Friday!

Hello Blogverse! Yes I've been out of contact for quite a while, but it is what it is. I'm bouncing back in life finally and feeling good about the future. Do I have a job yet? Nope... but I'm still hopeful. I started pharmacy school (more accurately, the long road TO pharmacy school, but it's easier to just say pharmacy school since it's all going toward the same thing) in January and am really excited about this new career. More on that later. Now it's time for the return of Feisty Friday!

What's got me PO'd today:

Bullyin' Bitches

Phoebe Prince came from a small village in Ireland to South Hadley, Massachusetts to attend South Hadley High School. I don't know why, but I bet it wasn't to endure the bullying of the fat faced beyotch posse that began bullying her after she had dated 2 of the popular boys that, I'm sure, had grown tired of the posse and their stupidity. The bullying continued with no input or help from the school and the tragic end was that Phoebe took her own life to escape it.

What has me mostly irritated is that these stupid girls (and the boys that do it too) think they own the world and their lazy ass parents don't do a thing and probably say stupid things like "It's part of growing up" or "They're just kids" or "Yeah, that's my boy!"

What has me slightly irritated (more than slightly but I don't want to detract too much from Phoebe) is that this girl, who dated boys, is plastered all over the Internet and national news for her tragic incident. Is that wrong? NO WAY! The more bullying that is squashed the better. But what about the GLBT kids who are bullied EVERY DAY across the country and they're not given a single thought. What's worse is far too often the schools condone this action through their inaction. It's better than it used to be, but there's so much farther to go.

So R.I.P. dear Phoebe. I'm sorry that pie-faced petty girl ever crossed your path. To all the GLBT kids being tortured in silence. Hang in there, find a caring parent, or call a GLBT hotline to get help. If they can't help you, find a PFLAG group, they're the parents everyone could use :)

Darwin Award Winner

This idiot was on the Today show this morning. You can see on the video, he DARTS into traffic and BLAM! What irritates me about it? He sued the car driver and they reached a settlement. He's suing the bus company for not letting him out where there was a good cross walk. He rides the bus to work all the time (this he said in his interview) just like I do and even I know not to dart out in traffic or you may get hit! The fact that the car driver had to pay a dime is outrageous. I'll be damned if I'd pay for someone's stupidity like that! Had the car been operating unsafely, that's one thing, but he was not speeding, he was not swerving in and out of traffic, he was on the road like the other cars. I think the car driver should sue the idiot! Can you imagine the psych trauma suddenly hitting a human could cause you?

This Darwin Award winner is incredibly lucky. He's alive, is in a wheelchair now, but is expected to walk again. But given his stupidity, I'm guessing it's only a short amount of time before he gets it again.


Two complaint related Feists....

1. Today on Facebook a friend posted that he was glad he went to work today because they were handing out bonuses! Congrats to you! One of his friends commented:

"Don't even go there with me! My kid got more for his bday than I did for a bonus!"
Normally I don't snap back at people, but JEEZ! You have a job in this economy... THAT'S your bonus! 'Nuff said about that one....

2. During my absence from the blogworld I've had some very nice, supportive and treasured comments posted (that I kept private) supporting me in my time of uncertainty. For you, I'm TRULY thankful and even though I've never met most of you face to face, I count you among the special people in my life. There were a couple of you that wrote comments with statements like "You need to get over it and get back to writing" or "I'm really tired of coming to your site and not seeing new material".

To quote Donald Trump... You're fired.

Go ALLLLLLLLL the way back to to my very first post (which was ALSO on a Friday) and you'll see that my stepping into blogging was more about therapeutic than entertaining the masses. Oh sure, I'm very happy that I've collected some faithful readers and that some folks I've never met and have no connection with find my musings amusing (even you complainers) but this blog is a volunteer thing so unless you're going to start paying me, keep your barking orders to yourself. You've got a bucket load of nerve telling me that I need to get over the loss of my job, the upset of my professional life and what's caused me to go to a food bank (which is SO deflating) not to mention the loss and death of my best friend just so YOU can take your boring-ass life online to read about others and live vicariously through us.

Pay me and I'll write to your heart's content. Otherwise, Fluff you and the horse you signed in on!

Welcome back to Project Christopher!
I'll try to keep it consistent :)


Lea in SC said...

Woohoo! He's baaaaaack!

Love the cat pic, BTW...hee hee. I think that was the one that you had you giggling well past reading the email that contained it.

Your sense of humor and indignation has not been affected one iota by your recent trials...onward and forward, Mariah!

Sean said...

It's good to have you back, you were missed!

Will you be posting more details on school - what it involves, how long it'll take, what previous education you needed? I'm really interested in hearing about it. I've thought of it, especially when picking up my rx's and flirting with Leo.

Project Christopher said...

Sean, I'm sure I will. Getting started so far has been a bit of an adventure anyway so there's more to talk about. - Chris

Just Kevin... said...

Wheeee! Glad you're back! And double thumbs up on the bullying! I could go on and on about how parents will defend the bullies but it's preaching to the choir.

Welcome back, Chris!

crazycloud said...

I was worried about you. Just when I found your blog you disappeared !
The Tall one is BACK....