Friday, September 18, 2009

Yes I know.....

It's been forever since I posted. (well, a week in blog time IS close to forever)

Work has been oppressive as we prepare for our annual conference in Anaheim, California. The highlight of which, aside from seeing someone after 6 months, will be finally getting this albatross of a conference over with.

However, I have several postings that I've started, but left unfinished as work pulled me away.

I'm going to turn my United flight 556 into my writer's office and the four hour flight into my catch up time. That... or I'll read Kathy Griffin's new book and laugh annoyingly out loud for my fellow passengers :) Am I sitting with my coworkers? No. They know better than to sit next to the 6'7" person who doesn't fit into anything commercial.

Watch for more posts to pop up after September 26.

If you don't, blame Kathy Griffin

1 comment:

Princess of Sarcasm said...

Can I borrow that book after you read it? I looooooooooooove Kathy Griffin!!

Wait, I also read Perez Hilton on a daily basis....does that make me a gay man?