Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I'm Baaaack

I've been off-line for a while but I'm back(ish).
(yeah, that's all the explanation you're getting)

I was a couch potato yesterday as I was home sick from work yesterday. There wasn't anything on TV and I've seen every movie in my DVD collection at least 10 times. I had 3 movies from Netflix, but being sick and down, I didn't really feel like I was in the mood for the downer messages they all seemed to have. One I had seen, Milk with Sean Penn, and while it was the beacon of hope, he still dies and that seemed a little depressive to me for yesterday.

The other two I had not seen and now I kind of wish I hadn't. By the way, possible spoilers ahead. Look at the pictures. If you have not seen these movies and plan to, don't read on... be warned in more ways than one.


I can hear everyone getting up in arms for tagging out this movie with all it's power house actors and award nominations. Phillip Seymour Hoffman, whom I respect as an actor, but haven't really cared for since his icky part in Flawless (can you say acting every stereotype? I mean, he put an S in "Cracker") But to his credit, he was, from what this Southern Baptist turned Lutheran understands, the proper character for a priest and did the part proud.

Meryl Streep was great, as always. I think after watching her performance I've learned that it's not that I think actors can't do well with accents, it's just I hate the accent they're portraying. It must mean that they're doing it very well!

My problem with the movie you ask?? After so much set up and character build and silent shots of that blond boy with a self inflicted nose bleed, the story almost seemed chopped. And after an entire movie showing how Meryl Streep's character had a bigger penis than Philip Seymour Hoffman's did, it's at the END.. and I mean the LAST friggin' line of the movie, that she breaks down and says "I Have Doubts". I didn't read the book, but it felt like the writer was scribbling furiously through the last chapter and it was 4:58pm and the final product had to be in the producer's hands by 5pm or the deal was off.

Performances: 10 Storyline: meh

The other movie I think you'll agree with me on...

The Happening

I can hear some of you saying
"Why the hell did you rent it in the first place?"
I knew it wouldn't be as good as M.NS's other movies. Each as been a grade lower than before. But the most vocal opponent of The Happening (yes, you J.Kev) was also a very vocal opponent of The Sixth Sense, which I liked. I thought maybe it wasn't that bad.

yeah it was

The grass? The trees? Let me get this right.....
Not only can the plants produce a toxin that causes humans to NOT ONLY lose that self preservation part of our psyche that keeps us from allowing ourselves to be harmed, but it also makes you seek out a way to off yourself at that moment!

And that's not all!

They can apparently count also and really stick to that law about how many people constitute a mob... which is apparently 6 and up... 5 if one of you is a little girl.
And, if you think that all this cognitive ability is just way too out of line for the photosynthesis crowd, they can apparently control the wind too. It's just too coincidental that when the plants wanted to off that group of 12 people, the wind JUST happened to whip up when they finished their tally and farted their toxins to kill.

One site gag that I had a laugh at was when two smaller groups of people converged, they exceeded the allowable limit of humans so the plants pooted their "go f*#k yourself" pollen and one man had only one choice for offing himself.... laying down in the path of a riding lawnmower. I can hear the grass blades laughing their asses off over that one!

I will give the plants this though. They hit New York City first and then they hit the French.... at least they know good targets when they see them. To quote my friend Stephen, 'atta girl

When looking around for The Happening I saw the heading The Happening 2 for a sequel. After my jaw dropped, I found this.


Max's Dad said...

Didn't see the Happening, thank dog, but Doubt brought back so many memories of my Catholic school 60's upbringing I couldn't stop watching it. Did Phil do it? From what I've been told, most Catholics and fallen catholics all say no while the unchosen all say yeah, Phil was a diddler....Welcome Back PC. Now if I could just get K off that damn Faceybook ......

Christopher (another one) said...

What was most disappointing about the film version of Doubt was that 'they' decided to make it appear as thought the Priest was at least inappropriate with the boy leading viewers down a 'guilty' path. What is brilliant about the play is that we never see any interaction with the children. It is just the priest, two nuns, and the mother discussing what may or may not have happened. The audience is never lead to believe one way or the other leaving true doubt in the viewer's mind. It was all way too overplayed in the film...

cb said...

I'm depressed, so I thought I'd rent Milk, Doubt, and the Happening.

WTF dude???

How about trying a cheer movie next time?

Just Kevin... said...

I'd have to agree with cb...

and I liked Doubt because knowing those nuns...some of them would NEVER express any doubt.

Faceybook is just a abbreviated blog in my mind. Just catch how many updates I can do in an hour if I have nothing else to do! Besides, with what's going thru my mind these dsys, no one needs more than a sentence or two from me! ;-)