Sunday, April 18, 2010

Just call me Mu Shu Google

While there was a looooong time where I wasn't blogging, there were still comments posted on my blog. There was a constant comment stream that was in Chinese. As you can see from previous entries, no comments posted during my hiatus were posted since they were mostly for me personally in support of my time.

Today, I received another Chinese posting in response to Feisty Friday. I thought I'd pull up the good old Google Translator and see what they were commenting on. Their comment was:

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Which translated into:

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What the.....

Now the comment would have been posted as a link somehow but how would WE have known to follow this link to see Big Breast erotic Kingdom map or a (and God knows what this is) Milk delivery tease whore.

So I must apologize to my Chinese friend that I will NOT post your comments, perhaps the milkman can since you're having trouble getting your dairy orders. But let me leave you with my own special farewell....

(which doesn't precisely translate.... but....)

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Bunny said...

I got a bunch of this junk too. Bah fooey!

Word Ver: dygong